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agosto 23, 2011

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Your money has been recovered (UK OFFICE AUGUST 23rd )




Mark Edwin

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Mark Edwin

21 Bloomsbury Street


Dear Beneficiary

Re Payment instruction

This is international debt recovery and reconciliation office United Kingdom, our mandate is to settle all outstanding debt owe to contractors and individuals all over the world, thus this debt must have been originated from awarded contracts, inheritance and sweepstakes lottery, If you fall into this category of contractors, individual or lottery winners we advise that you contact this office immediately.We presently recover your $7.6 Million United States Dollars

The directive came in line with the agreement reached in New York U.S.A with the International Moneytary Fund -IMF, World Bank London and Paris Club on creditors and overseas credit Commission for immediate settlements of all Intercontinental debts owed to you by various countries.

1. Date of Approval: 22-11-2010

2. Revised Remittance: Not endorsed.

3. Fund Endorsement payment code No AG-000087GXY-2F-PASS 2001-2010

4. Date of issue 19-01-2011

5. Bank Effect payment of beneficiary fund

6. International payment: Certifнcate Code No:Not Endorsed

On receipt of your a responds to this fax/email message, please contact our north America payment clearing center bellow.

George Donald

Foreign Affair Officer


Tel: 1-226-556-3307

Fax: 1-866 964 3856.

However, I will advise that you keep this office updated.



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